Save Money on Tech Support By Simply Protecting Your PC

For many, the PC is a major part of life. If it is not being used at the office, it is being used for fun, as many surf the web, chat, and play games. Not to mention, students of all ages use it in all aspects of their education. But what people fail to do is protect their PCs. This not only ruins their performance as they’ll run slow, it also is the most common reason people are consulting tech support and throwing away unnecessary money. Here are just a few simple strategies you can implement to ensure the safety of your PC and optimize its performance.

Virus Protection Is a Must!

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Unfortunately, for the majority of the population, protecting the PC from viruses is not a top priority. Hence, viruses find their way onto the computer slowing down performance or completely wrecking it altogether. Because you don’t want to be a statistic, it is imperative that you use virus protection.

A good free program with high ratings that you can use is Avast! This can be downloaded at Not only does Avast protect your computer from viruses, it also protects you against worms and trogens. No other free program comes close to being as thorough as Avast.

Another program that works extremely well but will require you to purchase is Nod32. This program is used by many large companies. Not to mention, the ratings for it are out of this world!

Please keep in mind that in order for these programs to be best effective, it is important that you download them onto your computer very soon after purchase. While virus protection programs can eradicate what has already found its way onto your system, some viruses are made in such a way that they become embedded. Removing such viruses is impossible. The only way to fix problems in these instances is to reformat your hard drive erasing everything that there ever was. This is why using virus protection programs is vital.

Use Anti Spyware Protection

This is another point that cannot be emphasized enough. Spyware and malware come in several forms. Sometimes they are hard to detect. Nevertheless, they will ravage your system. Some of these programs go as far as to reveal your personal information to parties that should not have it. What’s more, they’ll hijack your Internet browser, changing your homepage without your consent and directing you to sites you never intended to go.

To avoid this, anti spyware protection is necessary. Such programs will enable your computer to be free of the damages this software can cause. Two free programs you can utilize are Spybots Search and Destroy and Super Anti Spyware. Doing a simple Google search will allow you to find these programs quickly so you may download them and protect yourself from attacks.

What You Must Do After These Programs Are Installed

After you have installed virus and spyware protection on your computer, it is important that you run these programs often. To be on the safe side, it is usually recommended that you run the spyware scanners every three days and the virus protection on a weekly basis. Following these instructions will ensure that your computer stays in tip top shape.

Now that you have been armed with this information, start protecting your PC this instant! These practices alone will keep your tech support visits to a minimum, as well as keep more money in your wallet.

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