Forex Trading Signals & Software – Why Your Signal Service May Not Be Effective

So many people try to make money in Forex and end up losing their initial deposit simply because they’re not using effective tools! The truth is that Forex trading can be very easy, I’ve seen new traders make $1,500 per week in their first month trading because they have the right tools.

One of the most common tools people use is a signal service. While this should be a great tool in theory, the reality is that most of these companies fail to deliver accurate or consistent indicators, making it quite difficult for you to actually make more pips. Today we’re going to have a look at why most signal service’s fail and how you can find one that can truly make you more pips & more money!

Common Reasons For Ineffectiveness & Failure

1.) Inaccuracy

This is by far number one, many companies provide inaccurate and just poor signals. A real, high quality service should have an accuracy rating of 75% or more, but many can’t even break even at 50.

2.) Technical Problems

Surprisingly, many Forex trading systems do have tech issues & problems. It’s very difficult to trade based on indicators when the site’s member area is temporarily down or a text message with an indicator is never delivered due to tech issues.

3.) Inconsistency

Being able to decide which currency pairs you trade, your particular strategy and the level of risk are all very important. These options allow you to make your trading efforts and Unfortunately most services simply don’t offer these choices, putting you less in control of your own trading.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of accurate trading softwares & services out there that can really help you make the most pips possible! The key is to look for a reliable, trusted & proven company which can deliver automatic indicators for any currency pair you like.

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